Equestrifit® is a postural and movement screening program to better align the rider with their horse. Learn how you can take your current riding fitness to the next level with a new concept in rider fitness training called ‘StrapX’ and horse simulator training called ‘Bounce’.

Jason HillJason Hill

Equestrifit® Rider Fitness Programs

With my experience in Personal Training and horse riding I have developed a series of specialized Fitness Testing and Training Programs purely for riders. I have developed these programs for the Dressage, Show Jumping and Event Rider, Polo and Jockey’s in the racing industry can be supported also.

Basic general fitness can hinder the rider compounding muscular imbalances already present. Specific rider fitness training with the Equestrifit program screens for these weaknesses and prescribes exercises to strengthen and re-balance specific muscle groups.

Fitter for all disciplines

Equestrifit® trains riders for all the riding disciplines. As each discipline requires subtle variations in physical ability, each program is fine tuned to assess and greatly improve the skills of the rider.

  • Dressage: Develop a firm and balanced posture to improve timing of the aids.
  • Polo: Strengthen core, shouler girdle and gain agility.
  • Eventing: Improve physical stamina, balance and flexibility.
  • Show Jumping: Balance, focus and core strength.
  • Practice: Repeating something again and again to develop a skill.

Factors in succeeding with practise

  • Dedication to practice makes all the difference
  • Have the practice broken down into skill tasks and supported by the feedback of a coach or trainer
  • Studies have found volume of practice was not as beneficial as proficient application of practice
  • Continually practicing a skill at more challenging levels is the key to improvement and success

Coaching with rider on horse in an arena

Traditional coaching methods encourage riders to practice, but progression is often constrained by time available on the horse to practice. Riders are encouraged by their coaches to ride as often as they can to develop good posture and balance and gain proficiency in movement and application of the aids. But as we know this is sometimes a challenge with a labour intensive sport.

Equestrifit® is a training system that targets the muscles and aspects of fitness you need for quality of movement on the horse. Efficiency of movement, core and limb control, postural strength and awareness. You can increase your fitness level daily with specific prescribed exercise programs. Clear, simple and effective in the comfort of your own home with the Equestrifit® mobile gym equipment called StrapX, ‘The Worlds most mobile gym’. StrapX is designed to attach to almost any environment, indoors, outdoors, at home or the stable. You can use it wherever and whenever suits you!

Better Riding

The human body is extremely mobile and capable of supporting its own weight for extended periods of time. As the body adjusts to any given position, the muscles and bones begin to align to the new posture of the body.

A good posture distributes the rider’s body weight evenly over the horse. At the physiological level, a body that possesses good posture has all of the muscles relaxed at their optimal lengths. A rider who has poor posture will negatively affect the horses alignment.

EQUESTRIFIT® Postural Analysis

A full analysis of the rider’s posture in the studio and position on the horse is the foundation for the riders program and corrective exercise prescription built on StrapX will rebalance and re-align the body. The exercises are performed one-on-one or in a small group training program at the Equestrifit studio gym in Karaka.

The combination of specific exercises adhered to will bring about improvements that affect both posture and good riding position. The effects of the workouts can be shown in video reassessment on the horse after completion of the program at time of program update. The results are reassessed and a new program prescribed as the riders fitness improves.

Riding instructors are always invited to contribute any thoughts concerning current issues with their riders. As the Equestrifit® trainer liaises with the coach, the physical weaknesses of the rider will be identified much quicker and effectively strengthened.