Rider consult & Home Program to capture the rider’s position strengths and weaknesses with muscle testing in studio and on ‘Bounce’ (the horse simulator). This will help riders gain the fundamentals to strengthen position on the horse. 

1 x 90 minute consult & 1 x 60 minute session with re-balance home program $245.

Equestrifit Core Rider Fitness 6 week program includes the ‘Rider screen & Home Program’ plus 4 sessions one on one training for muscle re-balance and position strengthening on specific equipment called StrapX and ‘Bounce’ the  (horse simulator) .

1 x 90 minute consult plus 5 x 60 minute sessions delivering your home program and equestrian specific workouts to strengthen your core, position and align you with your goals for the new season $525.

Equestrifit Full Rider Video Analysis & Consult with video capture on horseback on the flat and/or over fences with testing in studio and on Bounce. 

1 x 2 hr consultation with video capture on horseback, muscle testing, home program and 5 x Equestrifit specific workouts so riders can fully understand how their position may be influencing the horse’s way of going and work towards improving their symmetry, balance and enjoyment of their sport $595. 

Equestrifit Small Group Training Fun sessions with 2-3 people training on ‘Bounce’ and ‘StrapX’ focusing on improving cardiovascular output, balance & symmetry, core strength and postural alignment. 2 people for $45 each. 3 people $40 each.