No matter what age or stage, you can benefit from the StrapX program!

StrapX is a NEW concept in powerband and group fitness training; invented and proven here in NZ by Jason Hill, qualified Personal Trainer.

Each 45min StrapX session uses low impact exercises with a unique system of powerbands for a total integrated full body workout.

  • Sculpt & Define

    Full body integrated workout to tone, strengthen and define your whole body. Developing core strength and shape while improving cardiovascular.

  • Restore & Align

    Yoga & Pilates type movements with a combination of static and dynamic flexibility stretches. Using a combination of assisted & resisted movement to challenge core, improve alignment, gain flexibility and control of the whole body on all planes of motion.

  • Power & Strength

    Full body workout focusing on increasing muscle form, strength and definition. Improved stability and coordinated power output with an integrated feeling of strength throughout the whole body. Varied options for your current strength level and stage of fitness.

Transform your body with StrapX

The body is an intricate web of bone, muscle, fascia and other connective tissue that works together to produce movement.

There are 7 basic movements that should be part of your workout every week. These are squat, lunge, press up, row, rotation, bending, extending, running or walking.

All of these movements are integral and fundamental to the StrapX training system with fully integrated movements at the core of every exercise program.

With full kinetic chain movement, (groups of muscles working together) will increase cardiovascular, improve power output while gaining functional core strength, muscular and structural balance and overall toned definition.


StrapX benefits you in many ways

  • Increase aerobic fitness and flexibility
  • Improve core stability, power and strength
  • Develop long, lean muscle to sculpt your ideal body
  • Burn fat fast
  • Exercise intensity fully adjustable for all fitness levels from Beginner to Advance
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a qualified personal trainer in a fun, small group fitness session

What is StrapX?

Jason HillJason Hill

Designer: Jason Hill

I have designed StrapX, a unique mobile resistance band and suspension training system which can be used indoors or outdoors and can be anchored to doors, posts, or as a semi-permanent fixture on a wall. It has two anchor points at the top and bottom with various combinations of resistance bands and suspension attachments. This gives you, the user a choice of over 100 exercises and a variety of programs online to target specific muscle groups and improve overall fitness.

The StrapX training system follows the accepted principles of quality movement and supports safe exercises with effective results. The StrapX training system combines upper and lower body movement on all planes of motion to increase cardio output, build strength and power, restore, align and sculpt your body!

Why Should I use StrapX?

Exercise Routines Online
StrapX workouts are time efficient and easy to access online so you can train wherever you are.
It Travels Well
You can easily pack up StrapX and train anywhere indoors or outdoors where you can find two stable anchor points. This could be your hotel room using the door or the park on various bars and other fixed attachment points.
The Variety
Each week new StrapX programmes are updated with a variety of over 100 exercises.
It's Inexpensive
Great if you're a budget-conscious exerciser. Compared to other gym equipment or membership StrapX comes at a much more affordable price.
Suitable For All Fitness Levels
Depending on how you use the StrapX it will suit both beginners and more advanced exercisers by simply adjusting strength of bands and position from the unit.